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Sanat Asmari Company

Terror organization: IRGC

Status: Sanat Asmari Company, one of IRGC’s cover companies, is a manufacturer of parts and bodies of Shahed-136 UAVs.

Role: Sanat Asmari Company, one of IRGC’s cover companies, is a manufacturer of parts and bodies of Shahed-136 UAVs. This company seats in Teheran (7 Tir Square) and engage in the production of body parts in the aviation industry.

To avoid possible sanctions, the managers of this company are pursuing a part of their activity in “Chekad Sanat Faraz Asia” company.

Location: Iran

Known Also As: Chakad Sanat Asmari Co.;


The Iranian Shahed-136 UAV is the main suicide UAV in Iran’s “UAV Army.” Iran and its Middle Eastern proxies operate this UAV. For several months, it has been utilized as a primary weapon in Russian operations on European soil, specifically against Ukrainian territory. According to our earlier publications and other reports, Iranian UAVs operate in Africa and Central America (Venezuela), providing operational access to the United States.

Shakad Sanat Asmari Company, also known as Chekad Sanat Faraz Asia Company. It has been registered in Iran since 2013 and operates from Fatir Square in Tehran. The company, which appears to be run by the IRGC, specializes in manufacturing aviation components and the like. The majority of its clients are from the Iranian aviation industry. Through foreign people, the corporation also invests in other businesses and projects, such as construction, services, commerce, and management, both inside and outside of Iran. These are likely real estate investments.

Hadi Zahourian is the current CEO of Shakad, and Mohammad Shahab Khanian is his deputy. Ehsan Rahat Varnosfadrani was the company’s initial CEO and is now its chief scientist. He released an article in 2022 (1402 Persian Calendar) discussing the development of a new system that assists the pilot in controlling light aircraft.

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