Month: March 2023

GFATF LLL Ali Reza Belali

Ali Reza Belali

Special advisor to IRGC’s Aerospace Forces Commander, He personally accompanies the Russian forces on their operational training with the UAVs.

GFATF LLL Saeed Aghajani

Saeed Aghajani

IRGC Aerospace Forces has several commands, one of them is the UAV Command, led by Saeed Aghajani.

GFATF LLL ISIS Is Still a Big Threat

ISIS threatens mass murders

In its latest propaganda material, the international terror group ISIS has threatened to resort to mass murders and beheadings to mark its protest against laws...

GFATF LLL IntelBrief The Terrorism Landscape Continues to Evolve

The Terrorism Landscape Continues to Evolve

Bottom Line Up Front Counterterrorism has become a backburner issue amid great power conflict, to the chagrin of many intelligence and homeland security professionals tasked...

GFATF LLL ISIS stole US arms in Syria Iraq

ISIS stole US arms in Syria and Iraq

The Intercept published on Thursday an investigative report detailing how terror organizations, including ISIS, managed to rob weapons from US occupation forces and use the...