Ali Saleh

Ali Saleh is a man who was convicted for attempting to provide material support to Islamic State and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

GFATF - LLL - Osman Nuri Kabaktepe

Osman Nuri Kabaktepe

Osman Nuri Kabaktepe is an influential political operative who was recently elected chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP)...

GFATF - LLL - Abdalraouf Abdallah

Abdalraouf Abdallah

Abdalraouf Abdallah was convicted of terrorist offences in 2016 and was given a sentence of nine-and-a-half years, the last four of which were due to...

GFATF - LLL - Khairi Saadallah

Khairi Saadallah

Khairi Saadallah is a 25-year-old Libyan refugee who was granted asylum in the United Kingdom. He arrived as a refugee, having fled the civil war...

GFATF - LLL - Ahmed Abu Khattala

Ahmed Abu Khattala

Ahmed Abu Khattala is a Libyan national, who commanded a small militia during the 2011 uprising against Qaddafi. He participated in the 2012 Benghazi attack...


Abd al-Muhsin Al-Libi

Abd al-Muhsin Al-Libi, frequently known as Ibrahim Tantoush (also spelt Ibrahim Tantouche) is an alleged Libyan Al-Qaeda leader. He is also connected with the alias...

GFATF - LLL - Yousif Alsyed

Yousif Alsyed

Yousif Alsyed is an Islamic State sympathiser who sent an encrypted message saying he wanted to “become a martyr” in Syria or Libya before his...