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Mahad Karate

Mahad Karate is also known as Abdirahman Mohamed Warsame. He is believed to be in his forties. He is a Deputy leader or emir in al-Shabaab terrorist group. He played a key role in the wing of...

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Abdullahi Osman Mohamed

Abdullahi Osman Mohamed (also known as Engineer Ismail), is a senior al-Shabaab official and is the terrorist group’s senior explosives expert responsible for the overall management...

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Maalim Ayman

Maalim Ayman, (also known as Ma'alim Ayman, Mo'alim Ayman, Nuh Ibrahim Abdi, Abdiaziz Dubow Ali and Ayman Kabo) is the leader of Jaysh Ayman, an al-Shabaab unit...

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Isaak El Matari

Isaak El Matari is a wannabe jihadi arrested over an alleged plot to attack Sydney landmarks had been trying to adjust to life in Australia after being freed from a Lebanese jail three years ago. He enrolled at the University of[...]

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Watheq Muhammad Yousef Al-Samarraie

Iraqi national Watheq Muhammad Yousef Al-Samarraie is accused of conducting a terrorist attack and participating in a terrorist group. He flew from Prague to fight for the Islamic State terrorist group.

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Tukiterangi Lawrence

Tukiterangi Lawrence is an inmate at Goulburn jail has been charged with terrorism offences for allegedly plotting to attack police, military and Corrective Services officers. Lawrence is in prison for unrelated offences when he came under suspicion...

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Muhammed Yahya

Muhammed Yahya is an Islamic State terrorist who was secretly observing a Military Police command post in Istanbul. He had climbed up a tree and was spying on the Military Police Command Post...

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