250 prominent personalities sign a manifesto against Polisario terrorism

250 prominent personalities sign a manifesto against Polisario terrorism

250 activists, researchers, journalists and other prominent Moroccan personalities have signed a manifesto against the recent terrorist attacks by the Polisario Front in Smara, which left one dead and three injured.

The joint statement recalls that Morocco has long warned of links between the Polisario militia and some terrorist organisations in the region that want to use the conflict in the Moroccan Sahara to foment insecurity and instability in the region. The signatories also warn that the Polisario has become a direct threat to peace, stability and security, reports Rue20.

The signatories also condemn the terrorist attacks, express their deepest condolences to the family of the murdered young man and express their wish and hope for a speedy recovery of the wounded. They also urge the judicial authorities to bring to justice all those involved and to send search warrants to Interpol for their prosecution.

The manifesto also calls on the United Nations to promote and develop its role in the maintenance of peace and security in the region and to move forward with the implementation of Security Council resolutions. The latest Resolution 2703 considered self-rule as the only solution to resolve the conflict, the Moroccan media reports.

The signatories also hold the Algerian state responsible for the attacks, indicating that it is “the incubator of the terrorist militia organisation Polisario”. In this sense, they also call for the Polisario to be classified as a terrorist organisation and for international actors to coordinate in the fight against terrorism.

The signing of this manifesto follows three new terrorist attacks by the Polisario against a Moroccan military base in Smara. The Polisario has already claimed responsibility for the four terrorist attacks last week.

Several demonstrations against the terrorist attack have been organised in several cities in the country, including Laayoune. These protests have also called for the Polisario to be classified as a terrorist organisation.

In the southern Moroccan town, nearly 100,000 citizens took to the streets carrying Moroccan flags and pictures of King Mohammed VI. “These large crowds that took to the streets are a sincere and profound expression of the population’s rejection of anything that could disturb the peace, security and stability of these safe areas under the protection of the Kingdom of Morocco,” Moulay Hamdi Ould Errachid, civil representative of Laayoune, told Al-Arab.

Ould Errachid also pointed out that the march called by political and civil bodies also serves to “reiterate the strong support of the population for the autonomy initiative under Moroccan sovereignty presented by Morocco”, noting that “this proposal is the only solution that has no alternative to put an end to this conflict and the suffering of the people in the Tindouf camps”.

“The brutal act that affected civilians in Smara is considered a terrorist act and confirms the failure of the Polisario thesis, which now threatens the security and stability of our region”, declared Abdellatif Bera, a Saharawi tribal sheikh. Bera also called on the international community to support the Kingdom in its fight against terrorism and to condemn the Polisario Front.

“The Moroccan autonomy initiative has the support of more than a hundred countries around the world, and nearly 30 countries and regional organisations have opened consulates general in the cities of Laayoune and Dakhla,” he added.

Other Saharawi tribal sheikhs in the region have also issued a statement condemning the Polisario’s terrorist attacks.

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