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Abou Mohamad Al Fateh

Born: 1993;

Place of Birth: Morocco;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Moroccan;

General Info:
Abou Mohamad Al Fateh is a 28-year-old Moroccan who joined the ranks of the Islamic State terrorist group, was arrest by the Greek authorities in Athens.

He was subject of an international arrest warrant at the initiative of the Moroccan justice system.

Al Fateh was a big name of the terrorist organization in which he held important positions, in particular in what is called special group of operational services, in Deir Ezzour, in Syria. He was also part of the religious police in Raqqa province.

Video recording showed him targeting a Syrian soldier with a weapon of war threatening to kill the “enemies of religion”, as he said.

According to information available to the Moroccan security services, he was planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Morocco.

Also according to information provided, Al Fateh either escaped from the war zones controlled by the Islamic State in Syria to take refuge in Europe and more specifically in Greece, using a false identity.

Despite his false identity, the security services were able to locate him thanks to a joint security operation, between Greek, Moroccan, Italian, American and British services.

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