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GFATF LLL Abu Ashraf

Abu Ashraf

Terror organization: Hamas

Status: Head of the Construction Department’s Africa station

Role: Hamas’s pursuit of terror activity against targets in Africa, Eihab Mohamed Ramadan Abd Alghafour, an operative in the Military Intelligence Section of Hamas’s Construction Department. He was arrested in Sudan few years ago (February 2020). We do not know if he is still in prison, or he was released.

Abd Alghafour headed the station in Africa, and he was in close contact with the Construction Department’s Military Intelligence Section in Turkey and Lebanon to which he relayed regular updates on work plans and tasks carried out so far. He used his position as head of the Palestinian Student Foundation in Sudan, an association that helps finance Palestinian students’ studies in Sudan, as a cover story vis-a-vis the Sudanese authorities.

As head of the station, Abd Alghafour worked regularly with several facilitators and sources throughout Africa, some who are non-Palestinian foreigners, who provided him with information regarding Israeli targets. In addition, Abd Alghafour established ties with other terror organizations to pursue the Military Intelligence Section’s goals and requirements.

He was detained in Sudan in the past for his affiliation with Al Qaeda and not because he is a Hamas operative.

He has a degree in electrical engineering and uses his skills to operate weapons and explosives. He also has extensive knowledge on forging documents.

Abd Alghafour is subordinate to Khaled Al-Bashiri, head of the Construction Department’s Military Intelligence Section, who was deported from Turkey in August 2019.

Location: Unknown today.

Also Known As: Eihab Mohamed Ramadan Abd Alghafour;

Address: Turkey; Sudan;

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