ISIS-affiliate brutally slaughters boy for affiliation to Al-Tarabin tribe

ISIS-affiliate brutally slaughters boy for affiliation to Al-Tarabin tribe

The Islamic State (IS)-affiliated terrorist group “Sinai Province” published photos on Monday that showed a brutal slaughter of a boy the group claims to be a member of the North Sinai “Al-Tarabin” tribe.

The boy, Mohamed Omar Ali Mousa, appears to be between 14 and 16 years old and is described in the caption of one of the photos as an “apostate” and that the murder took place in the “El Bars” area of North Sinai’s Rafah city.

A masked man appears in black clothes with a knife while the boy is lifted to a tree and brutally killed.

The incident can be seen as an act of revenge against the “Al-Tarabin” tribe, members of which recently engaged in clashes with the “Sinai Province.”

The Tarabin, along with other Sinai tribes including the Al-Sawarka, has officially declared war against the local IS-affiliate. Following the deadly attack on a mosque in the Bir al-Abd area west of the city of al-Arish on November 24, a union of Sinai tribes vowed in a statement to eliminate the presence of militants in the peninsula.

According to investigations overseen by Egypt’s top prosecutor, between 25 and 30 terrorists, carrying the black flag of the Islamic State, opened fire on worshippers as they were performing the weekly Friday prayers, while also detonating a bomb.

The attack, the deadliest in Egypt’s modern history, has been widely condemned across Egypt and throughout the world.

Source: Egypt Independent