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GFATF LLL Hezbollah operative nicknamed the Boss

The “Boss” – Hezbollah operative

Terror organization: Hezbollah

Status: Involved in the last foiled terror attack against Jewish targets in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Role: It’s a facial composite of a Hezbollah operative, fugitive, involved in the last foiled terror attack against Jewish targets in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is possibly involved in other attacks as well. nicknamed the “Boss”. Lebanese origin, around his 50’s, speaks Arabic, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Location: Brazil.


The description of the “boss” and the facial composite sent to Interpol, in the interest of advancing the investigation.

The police are interested in identifying a Lebanese or Syrian man of about 50, a debonair type, who speaks Arabic, English, Spanish, some Portuguese, and possibly other languages too, and could fit the description.
According to sources who assisted in the investigation, given the individual’s characteristics (age, Spanish speaker, knows some Portuguese), and the possibility that he lived in or visited Latin America, it is possible that he was somehow involved in the attacks in Argentina in the 1990s.

A million-dollar reward is guaranteed for identifying the person in the facial composite.

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