The die is cast – Lebanon is sacrificed!

The die is cast – Lebanon is sacrificed!

Lebanon has suffered blow after blow for decades. Now, it seems, that the end of Lebanon as a nation and as a territory is nearer than ever. The scheme to divide Lebanon between Hezbollah/ Iran, Syria and the Palestinian terror organizations is imminent.

In recent weeks, Hezbollah facilitated for Iran high level connections with Palestinian terror organizations in the wake of a possible war on the southern front of Lebanon. Iran understands well that she needs these organizations to either ignite or aid the fight against Israel from within.

One of the motivations of Hezbollah to collaborate with the Iranian agenda is the current situation in the country, increasing of anti-Hezbollah groups and protest and the investigation over the Beirut port explosion.

The common enemy is not only Israel, but for historical and current reasons, the Christian and Sunni population in central and Northern Lebanon. At this stage Hezbollah was ordered to plan the aggressions against Israel to make sure that counter attacks will mainly harm infrastructures of these Christian and Sunni population. This by deploying missile launchers in those parts of Lebanon. In general Iran demands that Hezbollah will sacrifice this part of the population, which is also in the interest of the Palestinian organizations.

Shortly after the last general meeting of all corroborators, Hezbollah increased the surveillance of the heads of Christian and Sunni communities, in an effort to execute them shortly before or during the first stages of the confrontation.

The targets are Saad al Hariri, Samir Geagea, Samy Gemayel, judge Tarek Bitar, LAF commander Joseph Aoun.