Gallant: Captured Hamas Operatives Reveal Group’s Internal Collapse

Gallant: Captured Hamas Operatives Reveal Group’s Internal Collapse

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has disclosed that high-ranking Hamas operatives detained by Israeli forces in Gaza have divulged crucial information suggesting that the group is undergoing internal collapse.

“In the last week or two, hundreds of terrorists have been apprehended, and their testimonies shed light on the internal strife within Hamas. They acknowledge that Hamas is crumbling from within, bearing heavy consequences,” Gallant conveyed following a briefing at the 98th Division’s headquarters.

The minister emphasized that the arrest of senior Hamas figures has prompted the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to pursue a thorough campaign against all individuals involved in the events of October 7.

The army has been targeting officials at various levels of the organization, both inside Israel and those issuing directives from within Gaza.

“Our mission remains to neutralize all terrorists operating in the Gaza Strip,” Gallant affirmed, highlighting ongoing efforts to dismantle Hamas’ infrastructure and capture key operatives.

“In recent days, significant progress has been made in apprehending terrorists, including senior commanders. Operations at Shifa Hospital have resulted in the capture of over 500 terror operatives, while approximately 200 have been killed, including several high-ranking leaders,” Gallant disclosed, underscoring the IDF’s commitment to rooting out terrorist elements.

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