IDF catches 20 Hamas terrorists hiding in hospital in Gaza’s Khan Yunis

IDF catches 20 Hamas terrorists hiding in hospital in Gaza’s Khan Yunis

The IDF caught and arrested 20 Hamas terrorists hiding in the Al Amal Hospital without disrupting the continued operation of the hospital, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said Sunday evening.

The search in the hospital was conducted with prior coordination with the hospital staff, and the forces searched the hospital carefully without opening fire and without harming patients or staff.

“IDF soldiers were briefed in advance on the importance of preventing harm to patients, medical teams, civilians, and medical equipment, in accordance with international law,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. “This activity once again proves the cynical pattern of operation of the terrorist organization Hamas, which uses hospitals and the civilian population as a disguise for the purposes of hiding terrorists.”

IDF delivers medical equipment to Al Amal Hospital in Khan Yunis
After the arrests were completed, the IDF facilitated the delivery of dozens of oxygen tanks to the hospital.

The IDF confirmed that it facilitated the delivery of over 20 oxygen tanks and additional medical equipment to the hospital

This operation, coordinated by officers of the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration, involved collaboration with the hospital and various international aid organizations.

The IDF stated that due to the use of the hospital by terrorists as an operational hideout, as well as the intense combat in the area near the hospital, intricate coordination was carried out with international aid organizations and local officials to transfer the oxygen tanks to the designated locations, from which the IDF collected the oxygen tanks and transferred them to the hospital.

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