Islamic terror groups holding over 1600 Hindus, 120 Buddhists hostage in Myanmar

Islamic terror groups holding over 1600 Hindus, 120 Buddhists hostage in Myanmar

In what could turn out to be a repeat of the 2017 massacre of Hindus by Rohingya terror groups in Rakhine state of Myanmar, a group of Hindus and Buddhists are being held hostage in Buthiduang in the country’s Arakan state.

“With unrest and instability expanding to Buthidaung, the volatility has taken a new turn with Islamic terror groups working on behest of the military to kill and terrorise ethnic groups on the basis of religion. There are over 1600 Hindus and over 120 Buddhists who have been held hostage by them there at present,” said a source.

Uncertainty surrounds the survival or release of these hostages.

Religious and ethnic riots have made residents run for their lives. Two not so lucky youth were found dead on April 11 with their throats slit. This was the first such incident in this area since turmoil erupted after the military began to fight rebel groups in November 2023.

“Myanmar’s military regime provided basic military training to members of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) and Arakan Rohingya Army (ARA),” the source added.

It has been alleged that Rohingya terror groups are looting houses of those held captive and even burning them down.

Rebel groups are appealing to Islamic religious groups to not fall prey to the religious division that the present attack is leading to. The rebels have reaffirmed that they will protect all residents irrespective of their religious or ethnic beliefs.

It may be recalled that in 2017, Rohingya terror groups had massacred nearly 100 Hindus in Rakhine state including women and children. Amnesty International had carried a detailed investigation into the incident which included interviews that they took in Bangladesh.

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