Israeli forces rescue two hostages from Hamas captivity in Rafah

Israeli forces rescue two hostages from Hamas captivity in Rafah

The Shin Bet, IDF and special police forces early morning on Monday rescued two hostages from Hamas in the heart of Rafah.

Around 1:00 a.m., the operation freeing two Argentinian hostages from Nir Yitzhak, Fernando Marman and Luis Norbeto Har, started with dozens of airstrikes against Hamas’s Shabura battalion so they would not understand the true goal of rescuing the hostages, ages 61 and 70.

Two family members of the hostages were previously freed during the November 23-30 hostage exchange.

The operation had been planned for a while, but continuously cancelled

The operation had been considered several times recently, but called off, until the operation was finally approved on Monday morning.

The hostages had been held on the second floor of a building heavily guarded as well as by additional guards in the next door building.

Israeli forces entered the compound clandestinely and used explosives, heavy fire and highly intimate intelligence about the exact placement of the hostages versus their guards to rescue Marman and Har without Hamas being able to kill them first.

Afterward, a helicopter brought the hostages to Sheba Medical Center, where they are said to be in good condition. One soldier was lightly injured, but none were killed.

The area of the rescue was a part of Rafah close to Khan Yunis.

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