Israeli music festival victim says 50 survivors have taken their own lives since Hamas attack

Israeli music festival victim says 50 survivors have taken their own lives since Hamas attack

An Israeli man who escaped the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre at the Nova Music Festival testified that nearly 50 survivors have since taken their own lives.

“Few people know, but there have been almost 50 suicides among the Nova survivors,” Guy Ben Shimon reportedly told Israeli Parliament members at Tuesday’s State Audit Commission inquiry.

Shimon didn’t say how he arrived at that number but claimed it was accurate a couple months ago and may now be larger, according to i24 News in Tel Aviv. He added that many survivors were forcibly hospitalized due to psychological harm they endured during the terror attack that killed more than 360 festival-goers and led to the abduction of dozens more.

Widespread sexual assault was also reported.

“My friends are not getting out of bed,” he said. “Neither am I.”

Shimon testified that he has an emotional support dog, but has struggled to function in society.

Citing recent studies, i24 News reported 600,000 Israelis sought psychological support after the attack that began the ongoing war between Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Survivor Naama Eitan complained to members of Parliament about being forced to relive the tragic day every time she’s asked to tell her story.

According to Eitan, she sleeps a few hours every night, only to wake at 7 a.m. to recall hiding in bushes while terrorists passed by. Eitan said she has participated in studies that show her to be in poor health.

“I can no longer move on my own,” she said. “I need to be constantly accompanied.”

Israeli troops stormed into Gaza shortly after the Oct. 7 and leveled much of the territory in a bloody response that was expected to include the invasion of the city of Rafah this week, according to CNN.
That offensive is reportedly being delayed while Israeli officials consider retaliating against Iran for a largely thwarted drone and missile attack over the weekend.

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