J&K Terrorist Attacks: Chinese Weapons, Communication Devices Used In Army Ambushes, Say Intel Agencies

J&K Terrorist Attacks: Chinese Weapons, Communication Devices Used In Army Ambushes, Say Intel Agencies

In light of the increased number of terrorist attacks in the conflict-hit state of Jammu and Kashmir, several intelligence agencies have inferred that China-made weapons and communication devices are playing a pivotal role in the ambushes.

As per reports, the designated terror outfits Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Toaiba (LeT) are actively using Chinese weapons, bodysuit cameras, and communication devices. Moreover, China has also been supplying drones, hand grenades, and other weapons to the Pakistan army, which have been used by terrorist groups in recent attacks, and evidence of that has been found by security forces, sources said.

Chinese weapons and devices in terrorists’ arsenal
Three major terror attacks targeting the Indian army troops that were carried out this year explicitly point to the nexus between China and the terror groups. As per media reports, what substantiates the claim are the images released by the terrorist organizations which were taken from Chinese-made body cameras.

Moreover, encrypted Chinese messaging devices were also retrieved which were reportedly used by terrorists for communication.

The Pakistani army regularly receives supplies of weapons, cameras, and communication devices from China, but instead of using them, it makes them available to terrorist organizations in POK for infiltrations and terrorist attacks in India.

China’s vested interest
The nexus between China and terror organizations is surfacing at a time when China is witnessing India’s heightened troop presence in Ladakh following the 2020 border stand-off in Galwan. This validates China’s intention to revive terrorist activity in Jammu and Kashmir to divert the Indian Army so that they become compelled to withdraw troops from Ladakh and redeploy them in Kashmir, according to sources.

Moreover, China has also been continuously helping Pakistan in strengthening its modern and high-tech weapons arsenal which are often utilized by Jaish and Lashkar terrorists to target the Indiana Army in the valley.

However, the Indian security system has consistently thwarted China’s attempts over the past two years, giving a befitting reply to Pakistan and China on both the Jammu and Ladakh fronts.

Source » outlookindia.com