K-P sets bounties on 135 terror suspects

K-P sets bounties on 135 terror suspects

To combat militancy effectively, the counter-terrorism department (CTD) has launched an aggressive initiative aimed at apprehending 135 of the most wanted terrorists, announcing bounties on their heads.

The CTD on Saturday unveiled a comprehensive list containing the names and photographs of the 135 most wanted terrorists. This initiative, designed to combat militancy, also included the unprecedented inclusion of a female suspect in the K-P province.

The female terrorist, known as Quratulain, is believed to be the wife of Iqbal, also known as Bali Khiyara, who was a prominent commander of a terrorist group in DI Khan. Iqbal’s life came to an end in a recent encounter with the CTD.

Recognizing the need for public involvement in enhancing security, the CTD has appealed to citizens for their assistance in locating and apprehending the individuals on the list. To encourage informants, the authorities have promised complete confidentiality.

This initiative serves as a wake-up call for the public to actively engage in the fight against terrorism and contribute to the safety of their communities. Among the 135 most wanted terrorists in the province, the CTD officials have set bounties ranging from Rs300,000 up to Rs10 million.

Notably, two of the listed terrorists have Afghan origins, while the majority hail from DI Khan. Some of the individuals on the wanted list include Jalaluddin, Muhammad Asif Khan, Asif Siddiqui, Muhammad Fayyaz, Inam Qari, Altaf Hussain, Muhammad Rizwan, Shehkar Din Bhatti, Wajid Khan, Niaz Muhammad, Naqab Khan, Kaleem Khan, Zarif Saeed, Yasir Ilyas, and Muhammad Kashif, with a reward of Rs300,000 for their capture.

Similarly, terrorists Hamza Ali, Alam Zaib, Mufti Sajjad, Uzair Rehman, and Imran Sattar have bounties of Rs500,000 set on their heads.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a young man was shot and killed by unidentified assailants in the Inquilab Musazai area of Peshawar. The assailant managed to flee the scene after the incident occurred. Law enforcement officials have registered a case and initiated an investigation into the matter.

According to Badam Gul, the son of Abdul Salam and brother of the deceased victim, Aurangzeb had been residing with a man named Musazai, son of Sikandar, a lawyer, for the past three years.

The tragic incident unfolded on a fateful Friday when news reached the family that Aurangzeb had been shot and wounded by an unknown suspect.

He shared that upon receiving the information, he rushed to the hospital only to discover that his brother had indeed sustained gunshot wounds. Unfortunately, Aurangzeb succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment. Following the completion of the post-mortem examination, law enforcement authorities released the body to the grieving family.

Property disputes
Similarly, another tragic incident occurred in the suburb of Mattani Maryamzai when an elderly man lost his life in a violent property dispute. This dispute led to a fatal shooting, resulting in the death of the elderly man and leaving a young girl injured and in critical condition at the hospital.

The accused individuals managed to flee the scene immediately after the incident. Following a post-mortem examination, the police handed over the deceased’s body to his relatives. A case has been registered, and an investigation is underway to locate and apprehend the culprits responsible for the act.

In response to these incidents, the police have formed a team to trace and apprehend the individuals involved in these battery thefts.

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