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Khalil Rizk

Terror organization: Hezbollah;

Status: The deputy commander of Hezbollah’s external relations unit (some say he is the commander De facto);

Role: Some call him the foreign minister of Hezbollah. even if not officially, de facto he is one of the major figures in the executing the foreign policy of the organization. One of his main focuses is to assists unit 910 to operate abroad. He supervises about connections and logistics can be useful for that cause.

Rizk is also personally responsible about the relations of Hezbollah in Latin America.

One of his important assets in Latin America is his brother Wissam Rizk who lives in Brazil and operates from there to the Benefits of Hezbollah;

Location: Lebanon;

Also Known As: Sheikh Khalil Rizk;

Place of Birth: Lebanon;

Citizenship: Lebanon;

Nationality: Lebanon;

Sex: Male;

Sheikh Khalil Rizk, who plays an important role in the command structure of the terrorist group by serving on the executive council of Hezbollah as the person in charge of foreign affairs for Latin America. In his report, the researcher highlighted his link with Mohammad Tarabain Chamas, both sanctioned by the United States.

The brother of the Sheikh, Haj Wissan, live in the Brazilian city of São Paulo, where the company Alfa Presentes Ltda runs, whose store is located in Galería Page, in the historic center of the city. “Rizk has strong ties to the community on all three borders.”

Sheikh Khalil Rizk, the Hezbollah cleric who was, until recently, in charge of the group’s foreign relations department, has a brother who runs a cellphone business in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mohamad Mansour, a Hezbollah operative arrested in Egypt over a decade ago, also has a brother running a business in Sao Paulo, just two blocks away from Sheikh Rizk’s sibling. The de facto leader of Hezbollah’s financial operations in the Tri-Border Area, Assad Ahmad Barakat, is the brother of Sheikh Akram Barakat, another figure in Hezbollah’s clerical hierarchy. The Barakat family’s business interests extend across Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, and Angola. Joumaa ran his business from Colombia with his brother and his cousin, who is still there. In short, Hezbollah relies on a worldwide network of familial ties, much like its Christian Mediterranean counterpart, the Italian Mafia. And much like La Cosa Nostra, loyalties to blood and kin go a long way to keep the network tight and hard to infiltrate.

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