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GFATF LLL Khudar Yusuf Nader

Khudar Yusuf Nader

Terror organization: Hezbollah;

Status: Commander of unit 900, Hezbollah security unit (secret police);

Roll: He is the commander of the unit for many years and has been exposed only recently. Unit 900 is responsible for Hezbollah counterintelligence, works as an independent body, and has access to every institution, secret facilities, and individuals in Lebanon.

Unit 900 is known for its cruelty and its sows fear among the people of Lebanon

Location: Lebanon;

Also Known As: Izz al-Din; Khudar Yusuf Nader خضر يوسف نادر

Date of Birth: March 13, 1985

Place of Birth: Lebanon;

Citizenship: Lebanon;

He’s oraginlly from Ghanduriyya. Also known as “‘Izz a-Din”. A shadow man who served in his position for many years. A few indications of his name, nickname and picture have become known only in recent years.

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