A look into FPM-Hezbollah current relationship

A look into FPM-Hezbollah current relationship

Despite the efforts to portray the Mirna Chalouhi meeting in the best possible way, many questions still needed to be answered, with no consensus on a position at the end of the three-hour conversation.
The meeting indeed serves as a prelude to resuming what was broken off due to stark disagreements over how to conduct cabinet meetings in the absence of a president and under a caretaker government.

But, it was also known that the meeting was not initially intended to result in any decisions because the two parties knew in advance that each would not budge from their positions.

As a result, there was no set agenda for the conversation, especially since most of what we will see later will be new discussions in meetings similar to the one on Monday, which both parties were eager to classify under the category of positivity and openness.

Any future discussions will be met by the Free Patriotic Movement’s insistence on addressing and resolving the issues at hand, particularly concerning partnership as an existential component.

Informed sources confirm that partnership is the main focus of the current relationship between the FPM and Hezbollah.

It was also emphasized that the conflict over the presidential file and the work of the government is not just a regular political conflict.

Hezbollah is aware of this and agrees that there are currently no clear-cut solutions or decisions.

Its participation in Cabinet meetings and its stance over the presidency has stayed the same.

The FPM, however, is not interested in dialogue; instead, it is waiting for practical measures to achieve them and address the imbalances that repeatedly occurred, particularly the problem of covering government meetings.

Source: lbcgroup