MBS – don’t let Khamenei make a fool of you too!

MBS – don’t let Khamenei make a fool of you too!

There should be no doubt about there being a grand scheme of a renewed military showdown in the Middle-East. Neither should there be doubt about who planned, coordinated and funded such a major clash, that could get out of hand and turn into a regional war. The only one playing the cards is Iran. Iran met with Hamas, PIJ and Hezbollah. Iran smuggled in the weapons, Iran organized the training of Hamas operatives in Malasia and Lebanon. Iran organized the back-up and the next steps to be taken. This took over two years of planning and organizing – so the only question is, what is the strategic goal of Iran?

Iran is still the world’s leading state-terror instigator. Many would argue, that Iran’s major nemesis is the USA, that Israel is considered an enemy and that the leading Slogan of Iran is “free Palestine”. This is only partly true and mostly a means to an end. The truth is, that Iran is fighting for the dominance of Shia over Sunna. That is why they fought Iraq for a decade and later took them over, that is why they promote and fund Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Alawite regime in Syria and the Huthie in Yemen, especially as the later help them to fight the leader of Islam, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is Sunni. This is the real nemesis of Iran and the modern Kingdom led by MBS is winning, opening up to the world. Khamenei wanted to turn it around, and now he did.

The plan was quite simple. Hamas had to start an attack on Israel that would hurt the Zionists so much that they had to strike back hard. With enough hostages and the alleged weakness of the government, it would be only a matter of time that Ghaza would ignite the West-Bank and the Israeli Palestinians. Eventually Hezbollah would come to rescue the Palestinians from the North, and when Israel will be busy all over, than the grand Savior of Islam, Iran, will send its forces from Syria and missiles from above to bring the Zionist nation to its knees, thus claiming the leadership of the Islam world.
In the meantime, MBS will be disgraced as he tried to negotiate peace with the Zionist entity, allegedly being played by the US and the Jews. Again, Khamenei will have wagered the live of mainly Sunni Palestinians, his Shiite proxy in Lebanon and very little of his own.

Hamas went all out, surprised everyone and showed what they are really made of. Targeting children and elderlies, burning people alive and hunting down juveniles dancing in nature as if they were sitting ducks. That was not part of the Iranian calculations put surprisingly played into their hands: Almost all western countries were appalled and the US took action and sent forces into the region. Now Hamas will feel the wrath of God, Hezbollah will move uncomfortably and threaten for a while and Iran will threaten even more. In the end Hamas will pay dearly for the Iranian endeavor, and this will stop any efforts of the US and Mohamad Ben Salman to reach an agreement with Israel for the near future. This is what Iran wanted in the first hand, was willing to pay at least part of the price for it, and now got it almost for free.

All we have to say is: MBS – don’t let Khamenei make a fool of you too.