Mohamad Khir Adbulmajid offered over $100,000 to kill select targets

Mohamad Khir Adbulmajid offered over $100,000 to kill select targets

In a startling revelation, Brazilian musician Michael Messias, who was recently arrested over suspicion of being a Hezbollah recruit has alleged that the militant group offered him a substantial sum of $100,000 to kill jewish targets.

According to reports, Messias, initially reluctant to disclose any connection with the extremist organization, altered his statement in the second interrogation.

He admitted that his trip to Lebanon was orchestrated by Mohamad Khir Adbulmajid, a Brazilian-Syrian militant wanted by Interpol for recruiting Brazilians on behalf of Hezbollah.

During a meeting in Lebanon, Adbulmajid reportedly sought to convince Messias of the financial gains tied to carrying out attacks.

He wired $500 to Messias’ bank account and handed him a considerable amount of cash for sightseeing in Beirut in order to lure him.

Despite these enticements, Messias asserted that he declined an offer from a masked individual accompanying Adbulmajid, who allegedly proposed ‘$100,000 or more’ for executing attacks.

Upon returning to Brazil with the funds, Messias was contacted again via WhatsApp, where inquiries were made about his plans to return to Lebanon.

It was later revealed that Messias had initially omitted crucial details of his meetings with Adbulmajid and the mysterious masked individual during his first interrogation.

Federal Police investigations, as reviewed by Fantastico magazine, uncover intriguing details about Adbulmajid’s background.

Having moved to Brazil in 2008, he faces allegations of being involved in terror financing, with authorities pointing to his potential membership in Hezbollah’s paramilitary wing.

Disturbingly, evidence suggests Adbulmajid’s participation in the Syrian civil war in 2016, fighting in support of President Bashar Al-Assad, as seen in a deleted photo from his social media.

The broader implications of this revelation extend to the arrest of two individuals recruited by Adbulmajid for carrying out attacks. These recruits lacked any apparent religious or ideological ties to Hezbollah, underscoring the intricate nature of these recruitment efforts.

As the investigation unfolds, migration records and financial conditions indicate a potential phase of recruiting Brazilians for illicit activities, including terrorist objectives.

Source: firstpost