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GFATF - LLL - Muhammad Salem Bahroun

Muhammad Salem Bahroun

Born: Unknown;

Place of Birth: Libya;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Libyan;

General Info:
Muhammad Salem Bahroun, also known as Al-Faar or “The Mouse” (The Rat), led militia connected to the Islamic State terrorist group. Bahroun was awarded the rank of first lieutenant as a grade without studying at the Police Academy.

In addition to Mohamed Bahroun’s association with smuggling and organized crime gangs, he is number 6 on the wanted list of the General Prosecutor since October 2017 in a case related to support and link to the Islamic State.

This case, known as (131 of 2017) goes back to the arrest of a group of the Islamic State. Bahroun refused to surrender himself to the Public Prosecution in Tripoli, according to a letter issued through the Director of Zawiya Security Directorate, Ali Al-Lafi, who is loyal to this group.

Bahroun is considered among the criminals wanted elements by the Public Prosecution based on the instructions of the Head of the Investigation Division of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, pending the case registered in Souq-al-Jumaa district regarding the incident of arresting an armed group belonging to Islamic State in the city of Sabratha, and based on the confessions of the arrested Islamic State operatives.

In the case of ISIS in Sabratha, who confirmed that Bahroun is one of the elements who cooperated with the organization and provided logistical services to them and assisted them to escape and also harboured them.

Bahroun recruited hundreds of African immigrants from Chad and Sudan, and convinced fighters from the Boko Haram terrorist organization to fight alongside the Islamic State against the Libyan army.

Bahroun also kidnapped dozens of Libyan women from their families on Omar al-Mukhtar Street in al-Zawiya city – sometimes even slaughtering them with along with their entire families.

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