New Missile Tested in Gazza

New Missile Tested in Gazza

It Could Go Even Deeper

Although the suspension of the Libyan minister of foreign affairs after her controversial meeting with the Israeli official calmed the angry public relatively and gave the current government a breathing space, but the situation seems to be much more complicated as new information was released today about another secret meeting between official authorities of Libya and the Zionist Temporary Regime today. The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar published a report today, announced gaining access to a confidential diplomatic document which shows that the Libyan Prime Minister, Abdulhamid Dbeibah, has had a video call with current director of Mossad, David Barnea in 2022. If the document is confirmed, the Libyan Prime Minister is expected to face extremely challenging months which could even end up in his resignation.

A Taste of Your Own Medicine

The Chief of police of Israel commented today on the heavy clashes of Saturday in south of Tel Aviv, called it “exposure to extreme violence”. He claimed that the protestors have used a variety of non-lethal weapons, including stones and sticks. “The police forces were exposed to real danger and unfortunately were forced to use live rounds of ammunitions and lethal bullets”, the chief of police said. This comment comes from the authority of the regime which uses deadly weapons against the defenseless Palestinians on a daily basis. He called the violent clashes of Saturday unprecedented since the incidents of 2000 and said, “since the year 2000, I don’t remember any similar incident in which the police have been forced you use live bullets to save its own life”. According to the official, 62 Israeli police officers were injured on Saturday which he described as “unimaginable”. He called the protests “passing the red lines” and vowed to avoid any further unrest which ends up in police force being injured or killed. Earlier yesterday, the Prime Minister of Israel had called for the Eritrean Zionists to be expelled from the Occupied Palestine. These remarks met with international criticisms, as it revealed the racist nature of the Zionist Regime more explicitly.

Far Away, But Way Too Close

An Israeli media published an analysis today, surveyed the recent armed conflicts in north of Syria among different groups of armed militias, including the U.S.-supported Kurd militants. According to the survey, despite the conflict is happening thousands of kilometers away from the Occupied Palestine, “it will put Israel in threatening situation immediately”. “The barrier which the U.S. had created along the Euphrates River using only 900 Kurd soldiers to prevent easy transfer of weapons from Iran towards its allies, has lost most of its capability on the south. As far as it concerns Israel, this situation is dangerous from multiple aspects: first, Russians, Iranians and Syrians will increase their efforts to fully expel the U.S. from the east of Syria. Second, more corridors will be created for Iran’s IRGC to send equipment and weapon to Syria. And third, the ISIS which reviving can come out of hiding and find its way to more populated areas”, the article says.

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