Pakistan Security Forces Thwart Attack on Gwadar Port, Neutralize 8 Terrorists

Pakistan Security Forces Thwart Attack on Gwadar Port, Neutralize 8 Terrorists

Pakistan’s Joint Security Forces successfully neutralized a group of eight terrorists targeting the strategic Gwadar port complex.

The attack, occurring on Wednesday afternoon, was promptly met with a robust counter-operation by the Pakistan Army’s quick response team alongside other law enforcement agencies.

The Armed Forces’ Media Wing reported the successful engagement and elimination of all terrorists, stating that the swift action prevented potential substantial harm to the port’s operations and security. However, the confrontation resulted in the loss of two troops.

Pakistan Armed Forced Media Wing said in a press release, “A large quantity of arms, ammunition, and explosives were recovered from the killed terrorists. The security forces of Pakistan, in harmony with the nation, stand resolute in their commitment to thwart any attempts to disrupt the peace and stability of Balochistan. The sacrifices made by our courageous soldiers only serve to bolster our determination.”

The Gwadar port holds significant importance in the multi-billion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a comprehensive infrastructure project focused on enhancing connectivity between China and Pakistan. Situated in Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province, the port has been a focal point of development efforts. However, Balochistan has been plagued by a simmering insurgency for the past two decades, adding complexity to the region’s security dynamics.

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