Qatar urges Taliban participation in third Doha meeting

Qatar urges Taliban participation in third Doha meeting

Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al Khalifi, the deputy foreign minister of Qatar, asked the Taliban to send their representative to the third special envoy meeting in Doha during his trip to Kabul.

Mr. Khalifi, in a meeting with Abdul Ghani Baradar, expressed Qatar’s hope for a fruitful outcome from the third Doha meeting with the presence of a Taliban representative.

The press office of the Taliban’s Economic Deputy stated Thursday, May 23, that Mullah Baradar had met with Qatar’s Deputy Foreign Minister at his office.

On the other hand, Deputy Minister Al-Khalifi pledged to promote Qatari investment in Afghanistan. A delegation is set to visit Kabul soon. Efforts are underway to establish regular flights between Qatar and Afghanistan to enhance commercial ties.

According to the Taliban’s office, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Qatar stated that such meetings would not yield results without a Taliban representative, clarifying Qatar’s position to the United Nations.

The Economic Deputy of the Taliban’s Prime Minister also emphasized in this meeting that international conferences on Afghanistan would not be conclusive without the Taliban’s representation, underscoring the need to respect the Taliban’s position in such gatherings.

The third Doha meeting is scheduled to be held on June 30 and July 1. In the previous two Doha meetings for Afghanistan hosted by the United Nations, the Taliban did not have a representative present.

The United Nations hopes for a Taliban representative to participate in the third meeting.

Source » khaama