Security Efforts Confound ISIS Terrorist Plans

Security Efforts Confound ISIS Terrorist Plans

Joint Operations Command spokesman Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji reported, according to the Iraqi News Agency, that dozens of ISIS operatives have been killed since the beginning of this year, and hundreds of dens, bunkers and tunnels belonging to the terrorist organization were destroyed in many areas.

Al-Khafaji emphasized in his speech:

Continuing to pursue ISIS terrorist elements everywhere, especially in areas where these elements are located that the terrorists consider remote and safe for them, which are mountainous, especially in the Hamrin mountain range, Lake Hamrin , Wadi al-Shay and Wadi Zaytoun. The Anbar desert and the western regions of Nineveh are always present in the terrorist gangs, and they use concealment as a method for them, as they are besieged by the security forces. The terrorist elements of ISIS take several forms to hide from the security forces, including the use or exploitation of shepherds and displacement in the form of very small detachments to carry out terrorist operations, or the adoption of methods of threats, kidnappings and robberies in mountainous areas, valleys, the desert and others.

Daesh losses in figures

– The number of ISIS fighters killed since the current government took power has exceeded 155 terrorists.

– Security forces have destroyed 303 tunnels and guesthouses since the beginning of this year until now.

Regarding the importance of these security efforts to deal with ISIS, Iraqi security and political expert Ali Al-Baydar said in a statement to Sky News Arabia:

The organization is in continuous decline in Iraq, thanks to the devastating strikes by Iraqi forces in recent months, particularly since the beginning of this year, and the adoption of renewed and unconventional tactics to deal with them. The danger of “ISIS” has become very marginal, but this does not mean that it has completely disappeared, since the vestiges of the organization and its remnants are still present in some fragile and weak security areas, with rugged terrain, exploiting, for example, the climatic conditions of some of them and their remoteness from populated areas and urban agglomerations. For several weeks, the organization was unable to conduct even a single operation, and that alone is a clear indication of the progress made by Iraqi security and intelligence efforts in crippling the abilities of “ISIS” and stop its movements. . Despite this, these terrorist organizations remain present through their sleeper cells, ready to seize opportunities to reorganize their ranks and carry out their operations, and for this reason, the pursuit of these cells in the hideouts and areas where they hide must be continue relentlessly. The political stability in the country is a positive reflection of the security situation and the tightening of the screws on the Islamic State, with a view to putting an end to this file and concentrating on other urgent security files, such as the fight against drug trafficking, antiquities smuggling, uncontrolled weapons and organized crime. All of this will ultimately lead to ensuring a safe and stable environment, implementing urgent development and service needs, advancing the economy, increasing the income level of citizens and ensuring opportunities for them to ‘job.

Although Iraq announced the defeat of “ISIS” in the summer of 2017 after the terrorist organization controlled for more than 3 years since 2014, over large areas in the north and west of the country in particular, the cells ISIS and its remnants are still active in many of these areas and are carrying out successive, bloody attacks on Iraqi military and civilian centers.

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