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Shah Rahman

Born: 1983;

Place of Birth: United Kingdom;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: British;

General Info:
A convicted terrorist who was jailed for plotting to bomb the London Stock Exchange has been put back behind bars after police uncovered a secret bank account following his release.

Shah Rahman was one of four al Qaeda-inspired British extremists who pleaded guilty to engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism in 2012.

He was released on licence in 2017.

In 2012 a hand-written target list discovered at the home of one of the men gave the names and addresses of the then-London mayor Boris Johnson, two rabbis, the US embassy and the Stock Exchange.

After his release on licence on 6 August 2021, Rahman’s wife was subjected to a port stop and an unauthorised number for him was found on her phone under the name “hubby”.

Police later carried out a search at his home which also uncovered an undeclared bank account. Some proceeds from Rahman’s online perfume business had been put into the account.

He admitted three breaches of a notification requirement in relation to an undeclared bank account, email and phone.

Rahman had committed the breaches as he made efforts to rebuild his life, communicate with his wife and set up a small business.

She said there was nothing nefarious in his activities and the defendant had positively engaged with authorities.

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