South Korean politician stabbed in the neck in horror ‘terror’ attack during public visit

South Korean politician stabbed in the neck in horror ‘terror’ attack during public visit

A South Korean opposition leader was stabbed in the neck in what has been described as a “terrorist attack” on his person.

Lee Jae-myung was carrying out a working visit to Busan, a large port city in South Korea, when he was harmed.

Mr Lee, who leads the main opposition Democratic Party, was stabbed as he was touring a construction site at a new airport, according to the city’s emergency office.

Following the attack, the man was conscious and not critically injured and had been taken to a local university hospital for treatment, the office added. His exact condition is not known.

Speaking of the harrowing event, police said a man, reportedly aged 67, approached Mr Lee during the visit to ask for an autograph. He then lunged in with an 18-centimetre-long knife he had bought online.

After being restrained, the suspect refused to identify himself or to provide an explanation for his attack, the Yonhap news agency wrote.

In the wake of the stabbing, Mr Lee collapsed to the ground. Journalists on the scene caught on camera people pressing a handkerchief to the side of the politician’s neck, as he grimaced in pain.

The Democratic Party’s spokesperson Kwon Chil-seung told reporters it is believed Mr Lee’s jugular vein was damaged.

The party’s spokesperson added there was concern over the amount of bleeding experienced by the politician, who has been reportedly left with a gash on his neck of about 1 centimetre.

Upon calling for a swift police probe, Mr Lee’s party described the incident as a “terrorist attack” on the politician and a “serious threat to democracy”.

Mr Lee lost the South Korean presidential election two years ago by a narrow margin.

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