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Taliban and ISIS clash leave thousands homeless in east of Afghanistan

Taliban and ISIS clash leave thousands homeless in east of Afghanistan

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Recent battles between the Taliban and Daesh militants have left over 2,000 families homeless in Kunar’s Chapa Dara district in the east of Afghanistan.

Shamsuddin, a Kunar resident who has fled the area under control of Daesh alongside his 14-member family, said battles have dramatically intensified between Daesh militants and the Taliban in recent weeks.

“There is war. We have left everying behind and our children are homeless,” said Shamsuddin.

But, local officials in Kunar said the security forces are on alert to thwart any possible hostile move by Daesh outfits in the area.

“There are domestic and foreign fighters,” said Wali Gul, resident of Chapa Dara.

Chapa Dara district is located in the south of Kunar province and has over 27,000 population. The district has borders with Nursitan, Nangarhar, Laghman and Badakhshan. The mountainous district is famous for its natural beauty and green mountains.

Security officials in the area said that reinforcements have been sent to thwart possible threat by militants.

“It is a project of Pakistan’s ISI. There are Pakistanis Punjabis and they support the militants,” said Mirwais Sapai, commander of 2nd Brigade of 201 Silab Army Corps.

Source: Tolo news