UN: ISIS leader in Sudan finances operations through Turkey

UN: ISIS leader in Sudan finances operations through Turkey

The leader of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group in Sudan, a country beset by internal conflict, has been directing operations through Turkey, United Nations investigators have revealed.

In a report submitted to the UN Security Council in July, investigators stated that an Iraqi national named Abu Bakr Al-Iraqi, a veteran figure within ISIS, is overseeing ISIS cells in Sudan and financing operations through illicit means in Turkey.

The report referenced intelligence from a UN member state, indicating that Al-Iraqi had established multiple businesses under false identities in both Sudan and Turkey. He reportedly manages several money exchange enterprises and a travel/tourism agency in Turkey, while also maintaining significant investments within Sudan.

The ISIS network in Sudan comprises approximately 100 to 200 experienced fighters who primarily function as facilitators for logistical operations and transactions, as highlighted in the UN report.
Every six months, the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team, a UN entity dedicated to tracking ISIS, al-Qaeda and related individuals, groups and entities globally, presents a thorough and independent report to the UN Security Council. This report details the latest developments concerning these groups.

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