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Yasin al-Qadi

Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Saudi;

General Info:
Yasin al-Qadi is an Egyptian-born Saudi national who was at one time flagged by the US Treasury and the UN al-Qaeda sanction committee, was passing intelligence in the summer of 2013 to the Islamist government in Turkey, briefing the Turkish president and intelligence chief on developments in Syria.

According to secret wiretaps obtained by Nordic Monitor, al-Qadi’s operative in Turkey, identified as Osama Qotb, called Turkish Presdient Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s chief of staff, Hasan Dogan, to convey intelligence on the latest developments in Syria.

Qotb, the nephew of Egyptian cleric Sayyid Qutb, one of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood, said his boss wanted the information urgently passed to Erdogan and intelligence agency head Hakan Fidan.

Qotb told Dogan in what he said was a verbatim repeat of the message sent by his boss al-Qadi. The second message, he added, was that a new state would be formed along the border area when that happens. From the wording, it is not clear what the “new state” al-Qadi was referring to actually means.

The conversation suggests al-Qadi had earlier briefed Erdogan and Fidan about the contingency of the opposition establishing a new Syrian state close to the Turkish border.

The secret communication suggests al-Qadi was intimately involved in developments in Syria and had been working with Erdogan and Turkish intelligence to impact events in the neighboring Arab country. Qotb had been representing al-Qadi’s business and personal interests in Turkey and working closely with Erdogan’s son Bilal.

Al-Qadi, Dogan and Erdogan’s son Bilal were all leading suspects in an organized crime investigation pursued by prosecutors in Istanbul and were the subjects of detention warrants issued on December 25, 2013 by the prosecutors.

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