Yemen’s Alimi at UN: No More Concessions to Houthis

Yemen’s Alimi at UN: No More Concessions to Houthis

Rashad al-Alimi, the head of Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), strongly warned against his country going back to a time of slavery due to the Houthi group’s influence.

He emphasized the need for long-lasting peace based on established agreements and made it clear that there would be no new compromises with the Houthi group that controls northern Yemen.

Alimi’s warnings at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York came as the Houthis showcased in Sanaa their military power on the anniversary of taking over the capital.

Their leaders proudly talked about their missiles and drones, claiming that they could threaten all parts of Yemen and nearby regions.

Alimi stated that hopes are renewed with the resumption of Saudi and Omani efforts to compel Houthis to respect popular, regional, and international will.

He stressed that the goal of any sustainable peace efforts must involve broad partnership without discrimination or exclusion, aiming to establish a brighter future for Yemen.

The PLC chairman emphasized that his leadership and the Yemeni government have no further concessions to make, expressing skepticism about the intentions of the Houthi group, which he believed could be foreseen for decades to come.

Alimi warned against his country becoming a hub for exporting terrorism.

“Any leniency from the international community or compromising the legal status of the state, or even dealing with militias as an established authority, would inevitably turn the suppression and violation of public freedoms into an inescapable behavior,” said Alimi.

He also pointed to the group’s disregard for all previous deals, including the Stockholm Agreement.

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