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Terrorism FinanciersTerror Financiers

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  • Mohamed Ben Ahmed Mahri
    Mohamed Ben Ahmed Mahri has funded terrorist armed groups through his drug trafficking, notably Al-Murabitun,[...]
  • Mahri Sidi Amar Ben Daha
    Mahri Sidi Amar Ben Daha operates transportation companies in eastern Mali that launder narcotics trafficking[...]
  • Mohamed Ould Mataly
    In July 2016, Ould Mataly was one of the instigators of demonstrations hostile to the[...]
  • Houka Houka Ag Alhousseini
    Houka Houka Ag Alhousseini is an active fighter for the designated terrorist organization Jama’at Nusrat[...]
  • Ahmed Ag Albachar
    Ahmed Ag Albachar, the self-proclaimed president of a humanitarian commission, has intimidated and extorted aid[...]
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