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Terrorist Attacks in mali

Terror Financiers

Terrorism Financiers

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Mohamed Ben Ahmed Mahri

Mohamed Ben Ahmed Mahri has funded terrorist armed groups through his drug trafficking, notably Al-Murabitun,[...]


Mahri Sidi Amar Ben Daha

Mahri Sidi Amar Ben Daha operates transportation companies in eastern Mali that launder narcotics trafficking[...]


Ahmed Ag Albachar

Ahmed Ag Albachar, the self-proclaimed president of a humanitarian commission, has intimidated and extorted aid[...]


Terrorism Events

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 Terrorist Groups

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LLL - GFATF - unknown-organization


Al-Mulathameen Brigade, also known as Brigade of the Masked Ones, is a terrorist militant organisation[...]

GFATF - LLL - Ansar ul Islam

Ansar ul Islam

Ansar ul Islam is a militant Islamist group active in Burkina Faso and in Mali.[...]

Ansar Dine

Ansar Dine (meaning "helpers of the (Islamic) religion" or "defenders of the faith") also known[...]



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GFATF LLL Abu Huzeifa

Abu Huzeifa

On October 4, 2017, near the village of Tongo Tongo, Niger, ISIS-GS-linked militants attacked members[...]

GFATF LLL Amadou Koufa

Amadou Koufa

One of the top deputies to Iyad Ag Ghali, the leader of the JNIM. Has[...]


Iyad Ag Ghaly

Iyad ag Ghali was leader of Ansar al-Dine (AAD), an organization operating in Mali which[...]


Ali Saleh

Ali Saleh is a man who was convicted for attempting to provide material support to[...]


Mohamed Ould Mataly

In July 2016, Ould Mataly was one of the instigators of demonstrations hostile to the[...]