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Abdul Rahim Manan

Born: 1962; alt. 1961; alt. 1963;

Gender: Male;

Address: Helmand Province, Afghanistan;

Known also as: Haji Manan; Abdul Rahim.

Manan a senior Taliban commander, is the Taliban’s Shadow Governor for Helmand Province, Afghanistan, who provided a large number of Taliban fighters to attack Afghan government forces.


As of early 2018, Rahim was a Taliban leader responsible for coordinating and organizing Taliban operations in Afghanistan and has ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

In 2017, Esma’il Razavi promised to provide Manan, with anti-aircraft weapons.

In late 2007, Manan oversaw the logistics of lethal aid transfers from the IRGC-QF to the Taliban. Rahim, worked with Iran’s primary interlocutor with the Taliban to request supplies and coordinate lethal aid shipments.

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