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Abou Merhi Cruises

Website: www.aboumerhicruises.com (inactive);

E-mail: info@aboumerhicruises.com;

Phone: + 961 1 969 999;

Fax: + 961 1 969 999;

Address: DownTown Main Marine, Beirut, Lebanon.


In 2005, Abou Merhi Group made a new investment in the domain of tourism. The group launched Abou Merhi Cruises, a company owning and operating a cruise vessel; Orient Queen I, leaving port of Beirut to various spots in Egypt, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey.

The group supported the tourism operations with a fully functional Travel agency. In 2006 the group disposed the cruise vessel.

In 2012, AMG launched Orient Queen II; departing from Beirut to five destinations. Following two successful summer seasons, the cruise ship sailed through Brazilian Recife port of call during winter 2013-2014.

Abou Merhi Cruises offers cruises on the deck of Orient Queen II. Orient Queen II is a five star hotel on top of a cruise ship that sailed since 2012 from Beirut port towards five destinations in Europe and Asia and during winter approached Southern Americas in Brazil.

It offers attendance to international entertainment shows delivered on board a Casino, Spa and restaurants.

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