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GFATF LLL Abu Ali Al-Hakim

Abu Ali Al-Hakim

Terror organization: Houthis;

Status: Head of Intelligence and the military commander;

Role: He is Iran’s terrorist arm in Yemen. One of the most prominent war criminal members of the Iran backed Houthi militias, a fake major general who has never received any military training or any kind of education. He receives his Hezbollah and Quds Force.

Hakim currently serves as the illegitimate Houthi authorities’ “commander of the republican guard” alongside the “presidency of the military intelligence”. He appeared suddenly during the beginning of the Houthi coup against the legitimate government, serving in the rank of major general with no previous qualifications. He has never received any formal military training.

Hakim is one of the most dangerous war criminals in Yemen. He is the fifth most wanted figure on the list announced by the Saudi-led Arab coalition given his crimes and violations of all rules of war. Hakim is behind barbaric massacres in several Yemeni regions.

The leader of the Houthi militias always tasks Hakim with carrying out criminal military campaigns and playing immoral roles. He has appeared in several leaked recordings where he offensively threatens senior tribal leaders.

A video of Hakim is exposing the cooperation between Houthis, Hezbollah, and Iran. Hakim is filmed receiving orders from a Hezbollah commander.

The video shows the terrorist emphasizing to Hakim the importance of capturing the Hodeidah province so that its ports can be used for the shipping of weapons and transportation of terrorists to join the Houthis.

Video link: https://twitter.com/Alsakaniali/status/1475112200796880903;

Location: Yemen;

Place of Birth: Yemen;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Yemen;

Known also as: Abdullah Yahya Al-Muayyed;

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