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Lawyer: Ali Hassan Berro

General Info:
Ali Hassan Berro is the attorney of Atlas Holding SAL – a renowned attorney who has close relations with Hezbollah. In November 2017, he was nominated on behalf of Hezbollah in the elections for the Beirut Bar Association.

In January 2018, he served as advisor to Muhammad Fneish, a Hezbollah senior figure who served as Minister of Youth and Sports in the Lebanese government. Ali Berro also accompanied Muhammad Fneish on an official visit to Iraq.

Berro is affiliated with the following Hezbollah-controlled companies:

– The Lebanese Arab Company for Touristic Services SARL;

– Société Orientale Libanaise d’Investissement et Développement SAL;

– Shahed Pharm Drugstore SARL;

– Global Touristic Services SAL;

– Atlas Holding SAL;

– Assaha Travel and Tourism SARL;

– Amana Sanitary and Paints Company LLC (ASPCO);

– Amana Plus Company SAL;

– Sanabel for Urban Studies and Architectural Design SAL;

– Al-Kawthar;

– Al-Amana SARL;

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