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New reports reveal the amounts flowing to the Muslim Brotherhood allies abroad

New reports reveal the amounts flowing to the Muslim Brotherhood allies abroad

January 12, 2017 » Today News »


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“Brotherhood is your way to fame and fortune” is the name of an article published by one of the allies of Muslim Brotherhood abroad. It quickly gained popularity among the group’s supporters. In it the writer, Emad Abo Hashim, revealed how much financial support is flowing into the hands of Brotherhood allies abroad so as to ensure their political affiliation with the group.
Abo Hashim claimed the group lures failed politicians and turns them into prominent figures through appearances on the group’s TV channels, during which they defend the Brotherhood abroad. He asserted that the value of financial support granted to a Brotherhood member who resides in Qatar can come to as much as $20,000 (per month).

The writer disclosed that there are multiple ways in which the Brotherhood supports its allies financially: “After you become famous and influential in the Brotherhood media, you have to settle in the State of Qatar. You are then expected to sign a contract with Al Jazeera TV channel in exchange for at least $10,000 per month.

In addition to your work with Al Jazeera, you can also obtain a job suited to your skills in Qatari ministries or private companies for a salary similar to the one you get from Al Jazeera.

Source: /Asrar 7days