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At least thirteen Islamic State fighters killed and detained in Kabul

At least thirteen Islamic State fighters killed and detained in Kabul

May 6, 2020 » Today News » / /


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Five Islamic State and Haqqani Network fighters, including three women, were killed and eight others with two children, were detained in the operations last night, NDS said.

The deputy head of the NDS Special Forces said the men were involved in the attacks on Abdul Ali Mazari’s commemoration, the on the temple of the Sikh, and the rocket attack on the inauguration of President Ghani.

Ariana News correspondent, who reported from the scene, said that several servicemen of the security forces were also killed and wounded in action.

Hakimi, deputy chief of the NDS Special Forces, told Ariana News, “The attack was very complex and conducted cautiously. They were involved in deadly attacks.”

The raid, which lasted about ten hours, left five Daesh fighters dead, including three women fighters. Also, eight fighters of the group, along with two children, were taken into custody by the security forces.

Salim Shah, a national army official in the Shakardara district, told Ariana News, “Daesh and any other group are trying to carry out attacks for personal gains.”

Apparently, these Daesh members have had a lot of weapons with them, including some drone cameras that play a key role in the war.

People in the area say the men were not close to the locals and were suspicious.

The national security forces have identified and destroyed several Daesh hideouts in northern Kabul lately.

Source: Ariana News