LLL - GFATF - Business Magnates of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

Khairat al-Shater and Hassan Malek – Business Magnates of the Muslim Brotherhood

The information on al-Shater and Malek’s companies is partial and hard to come by. Most companies do not operate a website and could not be located in commercial databases. The information is therefore based mostly on Arabic newspaper articles, which provide partial and sometime contradictory information.

The businesses of al-Shater and Malek are intertwined to a large extent. The division between the two in this presentation is therefore somewhat arbitrary.

Whereas al-Shater’s involvement in some of the companies held by the Malek family is clear, Hassan Malek’s position within them is not so clear. The companies carry his family (and sometimes his given) name, but no further details could be found.

As often as not, family members (brothers, sons, daughters) of al-Shater and Malek are the ones to hold positions within the companies, while al-Shater and Malek themselves remain hidden.

Since July 2014, the Egyptian government seized several MB companies and businesses, including many of al-Shater and Malek. The current status of these businesses is not clear.

Egyptian seizure of MB companies
In July 2014 the Egyptian government decided to seize the companies and properties of several senior MB officials in the country. For this goal it established the “Committee in charge of managing the Brotherhood funds”. The status of these companies now is unclear, it seems that the stores remained open, but are managed by governmental companies. It is also unclear whether personal assets and accounts were also seized, and what happened with companies owned by family members of al-Shater and Malek.

As of today, Khairat al-Shater is arrested, whereas Hassan Malek is free. Among the companies related to al-Shater and to Malek that were seized in July 2014 are:
Istikbal (9 shops), Sarar (6 shops), Salon Furniture, Malek Trade and Clothing, Al-Farida Clothing, Rawag Trading, Al-Anwar Trading, Al-Izz Trading, Roomers Furniture Saloon, Alshehab Auto

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Al-Shater and Malek Business Empire

LLL - GFATF - Business Magnates of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood scheme

We recommend to contact the relevant people in the Egyptian government in order to better understand the current status of MB and MB personnel assets and companies seized.

We recommend to contact the Egyptian government regarding MB financial assets outside of Egypt in order to help it locate and recover funds controlled by MB members.

We recommend contacting Sarar, Istikbal and Bellona companies in the US and other western countries, in order to clarify the nature of their links with al-Shater and Malek, and to sever these ties.

We recommend working toward the designation of al-Shater and Malek by the US treasury department, considering the facts that the MB was designated as a terrorist organization by Egypt and some Gulf states, and that al-Shater and Malek were accused by Egypt of funding a terrorist organization.