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Man from Ohio charged for attempting to join ISIS terrorist group

Man from Ohio charged for attempting to join ISIS terrorist group

October 26, 2018 » Today News

An Ohio man has been charged with attempting to provide the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria with material support, the Justice Department announced on Thursday.

Naser Almadaoji, 19, was arrested on Wednesday at John Glenn International Airport in Columbus, Ohio while allegedly attempting to travel to Kazakhstan and then to Afghanistan to join ISIS.

“Naser Almadaoji allegedly attempted to seek terrorist training in weapons and tactics and discussed a willingness to conduct terrorist ‘projects’ in the United States on behalf of foreign terrorist groups,” said Assistant Attorney John C. Demers in a press release.

“Protecting America from terrorist activity, including conduct like this, remains the highest priority of the Department of Justice.”

Almadaoji allegedly traveled to Egypt and Jordan in February, 2018, and communicated with individuals he believed were affiliated with ISIS online.

“According to the charging document, Almadaoji wanted to make his way to Afghanistan to train with an ISIS organization,” said U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio Benjamin Glassman.

“He allegedly pledged allegiance to the leader of ISIS in a video in which he wore a head scarf, and had plans to cause conflict in America between the United States Government and anti-government militias. These are serious allegations, and thwarting terrorist threats remains a top priority for the United States Attorney’s Office.”

Source: Newsmax