The real facts concerning James Shasha’s high jacked casinos in Iguazu

The real facts concerning James Shasha’s high jacked casinos in Iguazu

According to inside information received from the Argentinian authorities, James Shasha’s casinos in Iguazu are being high jacked by Islamic terror groups to raise funds for terror financing and money laundering, mainly designated to sponsor Hezbollah terror activity.

This operation was the outcome of hostile activity and threats towards Shasha’s family and businesses, made by radical Islamic Hezbollah members (agents) operating in Latin America.

In practice, it all began six years ago, when protection fees were demanded by Hezbollah agents, which according to Shasha’s former accountant, protection fees where paid by him on behalf of Shasha’s company HCI group, which owns and operates the casinos in Iguazu.

This phenomena expanded substantially over the following years, and practically led to almost full control of all the income generated by most of Shasha’s casinos by Hezbollah activists.

The following casinos owned by Shasha’s HCI group (registered in Argentina) were high jacked and used by Hezbollah activists to sponsor terror:

Casino Café Central
Casino Wanda
Casino Iguazu
Iguazu Grand Resort Casino
Panoramic Grand Hotel Casino

In addition, according to our source, these illicit activities were managed and controlled by Shasha’s lawyer’s office operating from Panama, named: “Icaza Gonzales Ruiz and Aleman”, this office made sure all cash transaction to Hezbollah elements were backed by appropriate agreements and documents intended to cover the payment of protection fees made by Shasha’s casinos to Hezbollah.

Ironically enough, this may provide an explanation to Shasha’s significant “donation spree” to Jewish and Israeli establishments in recent years, indicating Shasha tried to compensate for actually allowing to use his businesses (casinos) to aid Hezbollah terror financing.