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March 25, 2017 » Today News »

ISIS released a detailed guide for “lone wolf” terrorists wanting to stab police officers

ISIS released a detailed guide for “lone wolf” terrorists wanting to stab police officers

A depraved guide to stabbing police and military personnel was disseminated by Islamic State three months ago – and is still available on the internet.
It was issued to potential ‘lone wolf’ terrorists by the terror group’s recruiters based in Syria, and could well have been seen by Khalid Masood in the weeks before he planned his attack.

Sickeningly, the image offers detailed instructions for where to stab someone if they are wearing body armour.

Scotland Yard revealed last night that PC Keith Palmer was wearing a protective vest at the time of the attack.

It declined to go into any detail about his wounds, or confirm the ‘provisional cause of death’, but said a pathologist could find ‘no obvious evidence of damage or penetration’ to the vest.

The video originally appeared on the Telegram messaging service, increasingly favoured by extremist groups.

Initially, it was available to 250 private members, many of whom are IS recruiters, who then spread it on social media, where it has been seen by thousands. It remains on a website easily accessible on the open web.

Last week it emerged that guides to mounting a car terror attack were also available on Google and Twitter.

The vile manuals remained online despite widespread warnings that UK jihadis use them for training. Fanatics are urged to deploy large vehicles as ‘tools of war’ before going on a stabbing rampage – the template for last Wednesday’s atrocity in Westminster.

The details came days after Boris Johnson accused social media sites of inciting terrorism.

It has also emerged that Google is allowing hate preachers to post extremist videos on YouTube, including some calling on British Muslims to martyr themselves.

They are freely available on Google’s video platform and have attracted tens of thousands of views.
Source: /Daily Mail

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