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GFATF LLL Edgardo Ruben Suhail Assad

Edgardo Ruben Suhail Assad

Terror organization: Hezbollah

Status: Operative in the Foreign Relations Unit

Roll: He was born in Argentina. is an operative in the Foreign Relations Unit who has served as an ESO recruiter and spotter for many years in Latin America, including in Peru, Panama, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela. He was savvy into the plot of the terror attacks in Argentina in the 90’s and worked closely with Mohsen Rabbani. He was responsible to build more than twenty Islamic centers in Latin America Edgardo divides his time between Lebanon and Iran. In Iran, he usually stays in Qom in there he can spot and accompany religious seminars students and recruit them.

Location: Lebanon and Iran

Also Known As: Edgardo Ruben Suhail Asad

Edgardo Rubén Suhail Assad is Argentine-born, the son of Lebanese immigrants. At the age of 20 he emigrated with his family to Lebanon, where he studied Persian and Islamic theology – and met one of the main proponents of pro-Iran expansionism in Latin America, Mohsen Rabbani. Rabbani lived in Argentina in the 1980s and is accused of being behind the bomb attacks on the Israeli Embassy in Argentina in 1992, and the AMIA headquarters in 1994, which killed scores of people.

One of Rabbani’s main disciples was Michael Seaforth, better known by his Muslim name Abdul Kadir: a Guyanese-born politician who was arrested in 2007 in Trinidad and Tobago after being identified as a key connection in a plot to blow up a fuel reservoir at JFK International Airport in New York. As one of Iran’s first South American-based agents, before his arrest, Kadir had developed an intelligence structure throughout the Caribbean in line with Rabbani’s plan.

When Kadir was arrested, Rabbani knew he needed another director of operations in South America to continue his expansion plan. That was how Edgardo Ruben Assad became Rabbani’s biggest disciple.

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