Hezbollah launches deepest ever attack inside Israel

Hezbollah launches deepest ever attack inside Israel

Hezbollah has launched a series of drone strikes against Israeli military bases, in its deepest attack inside Israel since the start of the war in Gaza.

The “combined air attack using decoy and explosive drones” targeted two Israeli bases north of the city of Acre, which sits on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, 12 miles from the Lebanese border, the militant group said in a statement.

The strikes came “in response” to the killing of one of the group’s senior operatives, Hussein Azqul, earlier today, whom Israel described as a “central terrorist”.

Sirens rang out in Acre and the nearby city Nahariya late this morning, with the Israel Defences forces (IDF) reporting it had destroyed three “suspicious aerial targets” in total off the country’s coast.

Footage of the strikes posted on social media appears to show objects flying through the air above the sea before they disappear in a series of small plumes of smoke.

Source » telegraph.co.uk