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LLL - GFATF - Hezbollah

Hezbollah financial network in West Africa

Ever since the mid-1990s, Lebanese businessmen are active in various West African countries. Their companies and corporations provide financial support for Hizballah.

The main business network designated by the US Treasury Department in this regard is that of the Tajideen Family.

The Tajideen brothers: Husayn, Ali, Kassem and Ahmad, and one nephew, Hassan, operate a business conglomerate including companies in the retail, foodstuffs, construction, real estate and diamond business, stretching the Gambia, Angola, Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo, with branches in Lebanon, Monaco, British Virgin Islands and the Seychelles.

This network might prove increasingly important these days, as Hizballah is looking to diversify its sources of income due to Iran’s unstable financial conditions.

• Approach Safmarine and DHL regarding their business links with Congo Futur.

• Approach Western Union regarding their business links with Kairaba Shopping Center.

• Act for the designation of Ovlas Trading in Angola and Monaco.

• Act for the designation of Ahmad Tajideen and his companies, especially Trans-M, due to his links with the family’s business empire.

• Act for the designation of Hassan Tajideen and his companies, due to his links with the family’s business empire.

LLL - GFATF - Hezbollah Africa Scheme

• Approach the German authorities regarding:
– DHL’s links to designated entities;
– Mila Kapital GmbH and Mila Sortier und Export GmbH and their possible links to designated Hussen Tajideen.

• Approach the authorities in Monaco, Seychelles Islands and British Virgin Islands regarding their countries’ links with designated Ovlas.

• Approach all relevant African authorities and banks with a demand to clarify the moves taken by them towards the Tajideen family companies, since their designation.

• Issue a press release stressing that designated companies are still active and doing business in West Africa, naming the companies and warning possible costumers or partners.

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