India-ISIS closed link’s uncovered

India-ISIS closed link’s uncovered

I have repeatedly argued that the evil of Daesh will be left behind in this region as America goes. Now the close connection between India and Daesh (ISIL) has been exposed. The same is confirmed by the American Journal of Foreign Policy. Indian terrorists were found involved in the war in Syria. There was clear evidence of Indian terrorists backing Daesh in Afghanistan. Various events such as the target killing of 11 people of the Hazara community in Mach, Easter bombings in Sri Lanka in 2019, club attacks in Turkey in 2017 and attacks in New York and Stockholm are sponsored by ISIL. India is supporting Daesh (ISIL) in the region to spread chaos by promoting sectarianism in Pakistan. The strong presence of (ISIL) is an alarm bell for us.

There are five training camps of Daesh under the patronage of India, one in Occupied Kashmir, three in Rajasthan and one in Uttarakhand. The purpose of these training camps is to discredit the Kashmiris’ struggle for self-determination by linking it with global terrorism. Pakistan has already presented evidence of Indian financing of terrorists and training of Daesh fighters. Kerala has emerged as a hotspot for recruiting Islamic State terrorists. Sanaul Islam, an Indian terrorist imprisoned in Kandahar Jail, belongs to Allatopara, Malappuram, Kerala, India. According to Afghan investigators, Sanaul Islam reached Afghanistan via Tajikistan, and he intended to join the terrorist group Islamic State of Khorasan Province; active in Afghanistan.

Sanaul Islam revealed that he traveled to Kandahar on the instructions of an official in India to meet certain individuals. Since 2014, at least 11 Indians linked to ISKP have either been killed or captured in Afghanistan, and most of them hail from Kerala. In the state of Karnataka, two Indian nationals were arrested for belonging to the TTP. Another Indian national, Zohaib Khan, also identified his ISKP handler in Afghanistan, Abu Ahmed. Another notorious ISKP commander and Indian citizen Abu Usman-ul-Kashmiri was also killed in Afghanistan. India is using the territory of Tajikistan to send terrorists to Afghanistan.

Through these heinous actions, India is using terrorism as a weapon against neighboring countries, especially Pakistan. ISKP has carried out many terrorist attacks with the help of the Indian secret agency RAW. Many Indians joined the ISKP when it was formally established in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province in 2015. When the United States launched the Moab of All Bombers (MOAB) in the Aachen district of Nangarhar province in Afghanistan in April 2017), 13 Indian terrorists and 2 Indian commanders were killed.

In November 2020, Pakistan presented evidence to the world about the involvement of Indian intelligence agencies in terrorism in the country. According to ISPR, India sent 30 terrorists from India to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border where they were referred to ISIS commander Sheikh Abdul Rahim known as Abdul Rahman Muslim Dost. The nexus of RSS and ISIL was also revealed by an ambassador of the Middle East in Delhi, who confirmed the training of many Indians by ISIL in Kurdistan. The important question here is that in June 2014, in the Iraqi city of Mosul, ISIL took nurses from different countries as a hostage, among them 40 were Indians. Why did ISIS agree to release only the Indian nurses? In Khorasan province, ISIS attacked a gurdwara in Kabul on March 25, 2020, led by Indian Mohammad Mahasan, who hailed from Kerala.

The Taliban government released prisoners from Bagram Jail, including 14 from the Indian state of Kerala, who were arrested for working with the ISKP, and were involved in a deadly attack on Kabul Airport. People from Kerala living in Malappuram, Kasaraguda and Kanhar districts migrated from India to join ISIL in the Middle East, families of some of these terrorists also migrated to Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province to live under ISKP. In August 2020, another jihadist from Kerala, Aburoha Al Muhajir, attacked Jalalabad Jail in Nangarhar province with a suicide car attack. Later, the ISKP attacked in which 3 Indians took part. Abdul Rahman Logri, the suicide bomber at Kabul airport, was arrested in India five years ago and deported to Afghanistan after his imprisonment.

ISIS’s Voice of India magazine is operated from India. ISIL or ISIS compares its operations in the subcontinent, including India, to the “Gaza i Hind”, for which it recruits individuals. According to a report by the Indian newspaper, The Hindu, in September 2020, the Indian police arrested the founder member of Voice of India, Abdullah Basit (Khattabbhai) from the Indian city of Hyderabad, whose mobile phone contained the online magazine of ISIL, Voice of India. Similarly, a 29-year-old woman arrested at the New Delhi airport revealed during interrogation that among those who joined ISIS, there are women as well who are called brides of ISIL. However, we see and it has been proven that the main role of providing support to the Pakistani Taliban TTP and aligning the TTP leadership with the leadership of ISIS is Narendra Modi’s mouthpiece Ajit Doval. The mastermind of the Peshawar tragedy is Ajit Doval, under which innocent children were brutally murdered.

During the meeting with the Syrian ambassador, Ajit asked for the details of the ISIS leaders. Ajit Doval made secret trips to Syria and Iraq and met the leaders of Daesh. Ajit Doval planned to combine Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and other small and big organizations with Daesh to form a powerful anti-Pakistan coalition in Afghanistan. But our security forces are standing tall and becoming an invincible wall in front of Ajit Doval’s evil plan.

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