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Asyaf International Holding Group For Trading And Investment


1. P.O. Box 8800, Jeddah 21492, Saudi Arabia;
2. 504 & 7102, Ibrahim Shakir Building, Hail Street Rowais, Near Caravan Center, Jeddah 21492, Saudi Arabia;
3. Pr. Amir Sultan Street, Khalidiya Business Center, 3rd Floor, Khalidiya, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia;
4. Riyadh 14213, Saudi Arabia;
5. Dammam, Saudi Arabia;
6. Al Kharaj, Saudi Arabia;
7. Qasim, Saudi Arabia;
8. Khartoum, Sudan.


Asyaf is a Saudi Arabia-based company managed by al-Agha and used by him to finance Hamas. Asyaf and its branches are involved in investments and money transfers on behalf of Hamas.

Additionally, Asyaf’s branch in Sudan has provided financial services for Hamas since at least July 2005. At that time, the office’s administrative and executive director was the Hamas security chief in Sudan.

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