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April 24, 2017 » Today News »

ISIS prison guard sentenced for smuggling thousands of pounds’ worth of goods in bra

ISIS prison guard sentenced for smuggling thousands of pounds’ worth of goods in bra

A prison guard who smuggled drugs, phones and sim cards to offenders in her bra has been sentenced.
Safak Bozkurt smuggled three phones, 18 sim cards, a USB stick and five charging wires into the rather unfortunately named HM Prison Isis, a young offender’s institution in Thamesmead.

However it was the five ounces of cannabis hidden in her waistband that alerted the sniffer dogs to her plot, according to Court News UK.

Bozkurt was paid up to £1,000 each time she smuggled something into YOI Isis by an offender called Joshua Ogwal.

The court also heard that Bozkurt was trying to pay off debt of £32,000 on her credit card and was being paid by a former inmate named Luke Powell.

Powell has not yet been found, but prosecutor Jane Carpenter said “if he is arrested, he will be taken straight back” to the YOI.

Prosecutors also read out phone messages sent by Buzkurt to the Isis inmates, insisting that she wanted any packages she was smuggling to be small.

Carpenter said that the woman “said she had no excuses and no pressure had been put on her. She saw it as an opportunity to make extra money and pay her debts off.”

The mother of two was also studying for a master’s degree in criminology at the time.

Bozkurt admitted one count of conveying List B articles into a prison and one count of conveying List A articles into a prison.

She has been given a suspended sentence of two years and been ordered to undertake 300 hours of unpaid work.

Source: Talk Radio